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Jenichan's Aishiteruze Baby Tv Review

Aishiteruze Baby

Rated: 8

This show was quite original in it's concept as it is a shoujou series with a male lead character. It also shows a different side of how most males are portrayed in anime as it has a caring guy who used to be kind of a player with women, but definetly has a gentle side as well.

There was also a lot of angst with the Miki episodes and things about Kokoro's past. It was interesting to see the development of Kippei and Kokoro's relationship and it's effect on Yuzuyu and vice-versa. There were a lot of emotional moments throughout the series, and also several cute and/or humorous moments.

I would recommend this show for anyone that has a soft spot for little kids, or who likes melancholy love stories.

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